About me

I have been a simple girl for all my life(at least until now XD) .the very first time i caught up with handcraft is when i still in kindergarden,i saw my sister sewing cross stitch.i keep asking her to let me sew,she refuse at the first time,but after i ask for few times(actually is many many time until she get tired of me XD) finaly,she let me sew just few stitch^^ but yet i still happy with it.then when i was bout 10yrs,finally my mom bought me a cross stitch to sew,n ever since then i "stitch" myself with craft=) .
my mom been very supporting to me through the whole journey of my life.she let me learn all kind of craft(that is if she financially ok ^^) i still remember when i'm in my secoundary,i always stay at library during reset time to read all kind of craft book(since i'm a librarian as well,i love the silents there) n keep all the pocket money mom gave me to buy all sort of craft.the only craft that i paid to learn is knitting,n thanks a lot to mom,cos the material is really not cheap at all.
Its almost 7yrs(01.03.2004-now02.2011) that i been working as a freelance artist,its been hard for me.At  the beginning of the first 5 yrs have been so hard,i have to face not just my finance but also my famil n friends,n most important,i have to change myself,to a better person. family n friends start to worry bout me as i did not earn much,n start not supporting me to continue on my dream.I know they are just care for me,but its really heart breaking moment. I'm glad i did not give up n continue until now.although my mom still very worry bout me for not earning much,but i am happy with my present life.
I'm very thankful for people who supporting me from now n then.the most thanksful is that i manage to overcome myself n join Pipit Wonderful Market.I'm not a talkative person,i almost seldom speak with stranger,n to come to kl alone,is really not something i will normally do.I hate getting myself in a new envioroment where i do not know anyone of them.but i glad i push myself to join n i learn,a lot.thousand thanks to Mike n Ivery n ....Tako=) cos she the one who tell me bout pipit n say i can join=)
and of course~thansk to everyone who support my now,n those who do not support me,its ok,I'm sure i can prove to you i have the right choice~love you all^^