mer mer year end giveaway!!!!!

i saw bout the post n i was so excited!!!they are all so lovely thing!!!mer mer giving it out!!!so nice!!!i want i want!!!let c what she giving~~

this is just 2 of the thing she giving~~for more information n how to win the item,do visit her blog

hope i can get a grab of the item!!!


santa claus is coming to town!!!!!

i received 2 christmas present~happy^^
lets c what i've  got~~

这是pek mun 送我的礼物~~美丽的圣诞卡片还有耳环
谢谢^^~~也谢谢Agnes举办这次的Christmas swap
present from pek mun~lovely christmas card n ear ring,thank you so much~
and thanks to Agnes for organizing this christmas swap~~

这是Agnes送的惊喜圣诞礼物~~YEAH!!!收到时蛮惊讶的。。。没有想到她真的送我手链耶!!!我却没准备她的礼物~>.<" 好吧~~Agnes说要钱,却不要我缝的。。好!我画给你吧!!!!哈哈哈哈~~~
This is a suprise christamas present from agnes~YEAH!! I'm so suprise when i received it^^ did not know she really give me a bracelet!!and i didnt prepare her present  le~~well,Agnes say she want money~but do not want those which i sew it~ok!i draw it lo !!!hahaha

而且~~~用了Agnes 喜欢的布。。哈哈~~



well~tis is from a special person to a special person (crazy~~XD)
ok~~its me,sew it to myself ~hahahaha~
is a laptop case,using velvet inside~ and also a bit pocket to put mouse n charger in it
thou i dont drink coffee~i stil love tis fabric
like the light brown colour^^

there stil a present i have not receive yet~
just have to wait til i back from Malacaa~~

Malacca~here i come!!




finally,Levi's DIY session is over...
next week is "hugo Garden" turn^^
its really an amazing experience...
from accepting the job from Freeform ...
then start designing the 5 major item...
n start working on it...
n then preparing DIY material...
traveling to kl almost every week...
went to place which i totally not familier with...
looking for bus n public transport to go to certain places...
all n all...really a challenge for me...
welll,guess most of my fren know i really weak in opening my mouth n ask!
but,i have no choice,
n I glad that,
as i gain more courage through the journey.
i really like thanks Valene,Joleyn,Warren(all of them r the mareting team of Freeform),May for helping me out at the DIY session..n also the beautiful promoter of the day(which i dunno how to spell her name >.<") here some pic snap by May~~
2 guys student..well guess what,they did better than some of the gal>.<" GOOD JOB!!! d(^0^)b
last gang on sat^^ its fun working with them^^

4 pretty gal(of course that include me>.<") 1st day is at Levi's boutique@the curve as i reach kl bout 10.30am.. when i reach there,Warren already there and the store stuff have help me to clear a space for my DIY session though..they dun seem so friendly>.<" i am a bit tired when the DIY session is on... the crowd r not much...n not active... i am a bit dissapointed n start wondering is it my problem... luckly..its not too bad>.<" n...when we wanted to start to clear the plcae.. a gang of friends came to us... well..we just have to extant our time till 7pm XD an hour late but they r nice n active ppl~~n they really did a great job!!! sun,when i woke up in the morning... i feel the pian on my elbow..my back ..my leg... ok..my whole body is pain!!! luckly the DIY session is start from 3-6pm, at Levi's boutique@1U well..traffic jam~~Warren was late... pitty him hard to get parking thanks to Joleyn who came early she help me ask the suervisour to clear a space for me the stuff over here are more nicer n friendlier so we set up in bout 15min time.. i have not finish setting up... the crowd already here>.<" start bc... the crowd at 1U are amazing! well,I'm really happy to c active crowd^^ though many of them doesnt believe it is for FREE!!! XD but some thing not so good happen... one of my sampel is gone>.<"
not sure who stolen it...
as i thought want to gv to the Levi's stuff =(
in the end,i hv to rush n sew a new one~~~
but all in all,it is really a great experience!
big claps to all the participation,the Levi's stuff,May,Joleyn,Valene,Warren,and everyone who help me out and~~mom for giving me courage n taking care for me while i almost work till morning for the last few week!!big claps for everyone!!!Yeah~~~



come join me in the DIY session!!!

12 Dec, 3pm-6pm: Levi’s® Store @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ
13 Dec, 3pm-6pm: Levi’s® Store @ 1 Utama Old Wing, PJ

hope to meet you guys out there^^

Levi's Brand x JUNK Recycle Jeans Campaign

article from JUNK

You’ve all done it: raided your closet at the end of the year to chuck out old clothes. This year’s closet-purging ritual need not be any different, but why not get credit towards an immediate purchase and help charity at the same time? If this is right up your alley (we are in a global recession, after all), then look no further then Levi’s® Brands Recycling initiative.

From 27 November, you can submit your used jeans to any 39 participating Levi’s® stores throughout Malaysia and in return get RM80 off your immediate in-store purchase*! All collected used jeans will be donated to charity for the underprivileged, so you'll be getting rid of your pre-loved jeans for a good cause!

More excitingly, Levi’s® Brand has teamed up with Junk and Malaysian designers Hugo Garden, Aquarius and Liyana’s to redesign Levi’s® and also other collected used jeans. These unique items will be displayed and sold at selected Levi’s® stores, with all proceeds going to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. Donating your old jeans to charity and getting an RM80 discount on your future Levi’s® purchase; can it get any better than that?

Actually, it does. To encourage the DIY spirit, Levi’s® Brand also lets you take home a piece of custom-designed denim by the three commissioned designers! Every weekend in December, the team from Hugo Garden, Aquarius and Liyana’s will make special in-store appearances to redesign denim pieces from the pool of collected used jeans for visitors. You can even choose to contribute to the design process yourself for a finished piece that’s truly close to your heart! Santa Claus can’t do it any better for those who are on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items. Reused denim is the new vintage!

For more information, check out http://www.blogger.com/www.levi.com.my